Attack of the Author: Reaction To Bad Reviews

I can not let you know how generally I’ve heard some thing on those traces: “I just acquired a awful assessment. Readers have a proper to their opinion, however [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH SOMETHING NEGATIVE]… Will you go to Amazon and test that the review wasn’t helpful?” and/or “… Will you file this overview as abusive?”

Next issue you understand, you’ve got other authors chiming in, belittling and bashing the reviewer, searching for something to discredit the reviewer from a typo to announcing the they’re simply “hating.”

It’s absolutely frightening. And even worse, I’ve visible this sort of issue show up in reader loops. Stop the insanity.

I recognize one author supporting another creator. I commend this, but be careful of the form of help you supply. Just as criticism may be optimistic and reviews negative, so can guide. It’s simply greater difficult to recognize destructive assist. And as an author with over ten books posted, trust me when I say I’ve had my proportion of terrible reviews and it SUCKS ROCKS. I may additionally need to throw the ones rocks at the reviewer, but I do not. And it truly is no longer constantly an clean mission.

If you acquire a evaluation you aren’t happy with-DO NOT touch the reviewer and ship out blasts about how horrible this reviewer is and the way they are out to get you. Do now not touch your friends and own family and feature them write all sorts of terrible comments on the evaluate. Okay, so I’m being a touch melodramatic-not actually. I’ve sincerely visible this sort of behavior appear. Everything you do in regard to your e-book(s) should be to reinforce your brand. You might imagine you are defending your work, but whilst you react this way you tarnish your brand and lose credibility. Does this mean that if a evaluate is full of inaccuracies you can’t speak out? Heck no.

For one of my titles, a outstanding journal had it labeled as Christian Fiction (it changed into suspense and a ways from Christian Fiction). There have been serious inaccuracies about characters, plot and placing. It was obvious the reviewer had no longer examine the book, so some could suppose that I had the “right” to position her on full blast. Yes, technically, I had the proper, but did I exercising this proper? No. Why? Because my performing out might have made me look small and unprofessional. I contacted the magazine and let them realize of the inaccuracies and besides apologizing profusely, they ran a correction. Lesson, in case your e book is reviewed through a team or business enterprise and there are inaccuracies, then it is k to touch the company and have the problems corrected. Most of the time the enterprise will correct the error because they do no longer want to risk losing credibility, however there are times that they do not make the trade and it’ll annoy you, but do not worry about objects from your control. For example, there is, surely WAS, any other prominent overview magazine that reviewed one of the books that I edited. The name of a town became inside the name of the book. The e book was no longer set in that metropolis.